Puppy School

Training your puppy is exciting and challenging! We are here to help! Puppy pre-school is an effective and fun way to get your puppy not only trained but socialised amongst other puppies and their owners!

If you have just bought home a new puppy or are considering getting a puppy, our puppy pre-school program will help you get your new best friend the basic training needed. It’s a fun and active way to spend time with your pup.

What is puppy pre-school?

Puppy pre-school is a safe and fun environment for:

  • Teaching your dog basic obedience and commands.
  • Understanding dog behaviour and training
  • Learning about puppy health care
  • Preventing problem behaviour before it occurs
  • Socialising your puppy with other puppies
Socialisation Sessions

You also have the opportunity to drop your pup off at the clinic for our half-hour supervised socialisation sessions with our other puppy school members, to ensure your puppy becomes well socialised around other dogs.

At what age should I start puppy pre-school?

We accept puppies from 6 to 13-14 weeks of age.

When do you run your puppy pre-school program?

Usually Wednesday evenings for 5 weeks.

How much does puppy pre-school cost?

$150 for 5 week course.

More information

Please call us on 03 9850 5046 if you’d like any more information.

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